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serious icon dump. [Jun 29, 2006 * 6:38pm]

I'm so sorry I've been missing for so long.
Anyway, icon dump. Things that were piled up these few months.

8 Harry Potter
11 Mary-Kate & Ashley (6 from When In Rome) + variations
16 Audrey Tautou (13 from À la folie... pas du tout) + variations
8 beach stock
2 Mary-Kate and Ashley banners

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sorry [May 10, 2006 * 7:53pm]

I'm sorry I disappeared, I was grounded, and probably will not be online for the next week as exams are coming up.

So you could post your requests if you want to and I'll make them next week or so?

Thank you for everything!
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i'm afraid i just blue myself. [Apr 2, 2006 * 9:38pm]

The Harry Potter batch is a HUGE random dump...most of them are'experimental' and were made months ago.

Harry Potter, Arrested Development.

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these are the memoirs of another kind. [Mar 26, 2006 * 11:32am]

Memoirs of a Geisha, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

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booked. [Feb 26, 2006 * 2:31pm]

Welcome to savethewetlands, where I will be posting my icons.
layout by faceon.

Seeking for affliates; post here if you want to be one!
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RESOURCES [Jan 25, 2006 * 8:59pm]

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